Monday, October 14, 2013

Julieanne Kost on cL Talks Lightroom 5

Take Notice

2-day workshop with Julieanne Kost the Principal Digital Imaging Evangelist for Photoshop and Lightroom at Adobe can still be purchases at a discount price for just a few more hours. I posted the link below in Lose Notes and Things.

Okay, I was really able to learn a lot, I'm new to Lightroom not just the fifth installment released earlier in 2013. It was just a few weeks ago that I first learned about Julianne from a training course she did with Scott Kelby at B&H Photo in NY. In this project she was just doing some simple edits within LR5. Which helped tremendously, for a first timer anyway. 

The biggest help came from Julianne's blog Julieanne's Blog_LR5 but even here I was very easily overwhelmed as you could imagine not having any previous experience with LR I diffidently didn't know where to start. This workshop helped so much in giving me a place to start. In effect it will be a great road map as I traverse through the LR and digital software world.

Julieanne is such a wonderful teacher, she has no alternative agenda's, Adobe pays her to do what she does, and she is GREAT at what she does! Adobe is blessed to have her, they are such a awesome company, kudos to Adobe.

What I Think I Think

A few things I learned this weekend, here's my top 5:

5) Split Tone on B&W_ place the balance on +75 place the shadow saturation @ 60 and the highlights around 45_this works well when adding color to the highlights and shadows

4) Split Tone _Sepia Tone is in the Darks_this is the way it used to be done in the darkroom by exsposure to the visible light 
Antique look is in the paper or comes from the Lights(not the light bulb) 

3) Cross Processing _come when color is placed in the Highlights & Shadows in LR5

2) Tone Curve [without a diagram, it would be impossible to explain] _but I had been afraid of this area, she really helped give me confidence to play with this very useful tool

1) HSL _the paint in color trick was AWESOME, sooooo simple too!

Worth all my time, and it will be worth yours too!

Lose Notes and Things

Here is the link to purchase this course for $59 cL with Julianne Kost discount price till 12 noon ET after that it will be $79.

A big thank you to Creative Live for the effort they put into the production process to make this happen. So hats off to them. You can link to them here Creative Live for the rebroadcast during the week. If you have time this really helps because it is condensed and edited not the 14 hours over two days that I participated in.

Also Julieanne has several presets for PS and LR on her blog Julieanne's Presets but they are not all in one place you have to scroll down through the different videos they are in links to .zip files. 

If you missed the workshop or didn't catch the rebrodcast, check back here I will continue to post more notes from the workshop. If there's something you want me to blog about let me know, I'll be happy to help!

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