Friday, October 11, 2013

Digital Imaging (Part V)

The Digital Lightroom (Part 2b)

Lightroom 5, the new darkroom created for the Photographer. I’ve been hyping Ansell Adams photography for a couple of days now so let’s get strait to his images. Below.

What Ansell Adams was able to accomplish will most certainly never be reproduced, nor in my opinion will anyone even come close. His skill behind the camera was just as good as his talent in the darkroom, terms such as dodging and burning may be gone forever but we can still achieve those same results with the digital tools of today, gone is the darkroom, and in with Lightroom.

Lightroom varies in that of what Photoshop can do. It sets it's self apart from the field by bringing a shear commitment to the digital image, it's ability to allow me as a image maker to stay true to what I want to accomplish by staying true to the image I set out to capture in camera. No tricks, no gadgets just think of it as digital chemicals. 

While not the quality subject matter that Ansell has shot over his lifetime, here are a few images that I have achieved with the use of the digital Lightroom. Employing the same techniques Ansell and other great photographers of days past use; I am able to achieve similar results. Some of these are digital from the start and some have been scanned into the digital realm from their original 35mm full frame films. Can YOU tell which ones!

As you can see employing the use of Lightroom is a necessary tool in the digital Photographers handbag. 
Just remember that no software program fixes bad composition in photography! Enjoy your weekend and Happy Shooting! 

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