Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Baby Before & After


I took the original image and placed it into the DxO Film Pack 3, which I've placed a link to on my Google+ page, it's free till Oct. 31st. I used the Kodak Portra 160NC filter(this is the 'Before' photo above),that was such a good film to use, it always gave me such good results as once again it does here.

But there was still more I could do as a master craftsman,[tongue and cheek]!  

I tossed the before image into Lightroom 5 by Adobe, made a few tweeks to the exposure and in just a few minutes I had an image that truly popped! I didn't have to spend hours in Photoshop making a fake image,it was a good image to begin with, now its even better! 

The Christmas cards will get out early this year!    


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