Thursday, September 26, 2013

From a Different View

This image was taken on a cloudy afternoon as I walked around Czech Village in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. There just hadn't been anything to photograph up to this point. I was frustrated and tired, my left knee which just had surgery on it, was starting to ache. On the way back to the vehicle, I noticed this.  I had come across the back entrance of a eatery. I liked the unique characteristics of the building, it was much more appealing than the front. Just goes to show you sometimes its okay to take shortcuts. 

To get the image the way I wanted, I just put my lens on f/16, 200 ISO and held the camera at just below waist level. Took a few releases of the shutter button and came out with this image. 

I really love finding those old small buildings to photograph, and here's one from a different view. 

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