Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Use Zoom to Tell the Story

This image was taken toward the end of the game during a foul shot attempt. Notice each player and coach scooted to the edge of thier seats, the game was close and just seconds remained. This allowed me to capture the image I needed. 

About halfway through the game I noticed the colorful choice of footwear, so I knew I wanted this particular shot but I had to have the right moment to capture the image. Patience along with thinking ahead helped me to capture the moment. I had positioned myself at the end of the team bench, and just before the free throw was attempted I edged out on the court and pressed the shutter button. 

Notice the footwear choices by the opposing team in the distance of the image, even that simple comparison adds to the power of presence. Increases the interest and adds an element of depth to the story in this image.

A telephoto zoom lens was used to capture the shoes, compressing the detail over a distance of fifty feet or so, this same story and information could have never been gathered or told with a wide angle lens. 

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