Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Tablet Tip: Improve Your Workflow


Happy Thanksgiving! We're all very busy right now with the holidays upon us, and then add work and keeping up with clients, something has to be sacrificed and in the end it'll be time. So today I thought I would share a quick tip that Will help improve your work flow. 

If you own a Wacom Tablet such as the Intuos 5 like I do then you already know how much of a life saver it is. But did you know to speed up your work flow even more tilt the tablet on about a 45 degree angle. Artist do this all the time because it's the natural way to draw and write.

I use a photo album and place the Intuos 5 right on the edge so it is balanced as seen in the image below. Whether using Manga Studio 5 or PS/LR5 this setup works well in all situations. And I know it'll help you too.   

Don't worry if this setup feels unnatural at first it will take no time to get use to the change, just make sure your comfortable. 

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